Web Design

Our Process

Step One

Our web design staff will meet with you and your team to learn about your business, what you need in your web design services and how we can help.  After we have our meeting, a plan will be made up and a quote given.  If you choose to move forward, our team will start working right away on your project.

Step Two

One our team has completed the first draft of your site, a meeting will be set.  This can be done digitally if you are unable to meet with the staff directly.  We will get your thoughts on the design and basic functionality.  We want to make sure that this works for you before we move forward and add your content.

Step Three

Great!  Now we are ready for your content!  The information will be replaced with what pertains to your business and functionality of the entire site will be set to work properly.  Following this, extensive tests will be done to ensure that the site is functioning at optimal levels.  Once that’s done, you will receive a final link to review the site.

Step Four

The hard part is done!  Now, we have your approval and we set a time to upload the site to the live internet!  Then, you’re done!  In four steps, you have your own website!  Training is provided for the administrator(s) of your site and it’s all yours!